We're a strong network that believe in the power of theatre.

nexus is a Kurdish-German theater network.
Nexus means connection. Initiated by the Bonn fringe ensemble and funded by the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, the initiative initially aims to provide a platform for Kurdish theater artists living in Germany. This creates the basis for building a Kurdish-German theater network. A five-part workshop series is the prelude to cooperative work and should promote alliances between Kurdish and German theater actors living in Germany. If you are interested in participating in a workshop, you can contact us via this page. With the support of Mirza Metin, Kurdish author, director and actor → Şermola Perfomans, and German-born Kurdish actress Hicran Demir, the archive of Kurdish theater makers living here – writers, directors, outfitters, actors, video artists and theater musicians – will continue to grow.
The idea for nexus came about in the collaboration between Frank Heuel → fringe ensemble and Mirza Metin → Şermola Perfomans – aware that it is not easy for Kurdish theater people living in Germany to build a new artistic home here.
We look forward to a lively exchange of a constantly growing community!