Alan Ciwan

Foto: Corinna Engeln

* 16th April 1990 in Gercus, Turkey
Alan Ciwan lives in Berlin since 2017.

Kurdish, Turkish, English, German (advanced basic knowledge)

During his youth, Alan Ciwan took part in many stage plays. He moved to Istanbul in 2009 where he continued his acting development in Kurdish, his mother tongue (Kurmanji). With his solo performance “Di Tuwaletê De”, he won several awards as one of the first Turkish artists performing a play in the Kurdish language.
Furthermore, Alan Ciwan works as voice actor and presenter for “Kurd Idol”.
He came to Germany in 2017. In 2018 the the Maxim Gorki Theatre hired him for the production of “Lö Grand Bal Almanya, 57 Jahre Scheinehe – Ein Singspiel“