Korkmaz Aslan

Foto: Kerem Bakir

* 02.08.1983 in Pülümür, Türkei

Korkmaz Aslan lives and works in Hannover.




German, English, Turkish, Zazaki

Korkmaz Aslan moved with his family in 1994 to Ludwigsburg in Germany. Already during his school years, he played in theater plays of the theater AG and in various clubs. After completing his education, Korkmaz studied at the Academy of Performing Arts in Ulm and graduated in 2011. Korkmaz has appeared in many Kurdish films and can now be seen in international cinema productions. In 2019, Korkmaz will be watching in three films: “Sisters in Arms” by Caroline Fourest, “Lady Winsley” by Hiner Saleem, “O my God” by Steffen Heidenreich.