Sait Külen


* 14.01.1980 in Hezex (Idil), Kurdistan
Sait Külen came to Germany in April 2017 and currently lives in Gießen.

Kurdish, Turkish, English (basic
knowledge), German (basicknowledge)

Sait Külen studied Tourism and Business Administration at Dicle University in Diyarbakir before doing a two-year acting education at the Mesopotamian Cultural Association MKM in Istanbul. He has appeared in numerous Kurdish plays and films such as Bahoz (2008) or IZ-RÊÇ (2011) with. In Istanbul he worked for many years with the Kurdish theater group Avesta, played in the children’s play “Masîreş a biçuk” (2015) of the

MKM and in “Bêlome” (2015), a production of Teatra Zîv. “Bêlome” was not only played in Istanbul, but also at the Diyarbakir Municipal Theater and also in Mardin.