Metin Yilmaz

Composer, Musician
Foto: privat

* 18th August 1979 in Tuzla, Turkey
Metin Yilmaz lives since 2017 in Cologne.

YouTube Metin Yilmaz & Kaval

Kurdish, Turkish, English, German (advanced basic knowledge)

Metin Yilmaz is a Kurdish Kaval player from Turkey. His musical career began with classical guitar. He played in Istanbul in the Kurdish cultural center MKM and in various ensembles. He met a Kaval teacher, took lessons and decided to make the Kaval his main instrument. In 2005 he moved to Germany, where he worked with various Kurdish, Turkish and German musicians. In 2008 he played with the Bremen Philharmonic for the opera adaptation of the movie “Gegen die Wand”(eng. Against the wall). In 2009 he moved to Australia, where he studied at the Sydney Conservatory of Music in 2013 and 2016-17. He founded two bands and played at various cult sites Sidney, u.a. at the opera Sidney. Today Metin Yilmaz lives in Cologne.