Ismail Zagros

Foto: Ruhat Yildiz

* 15th January 1984 in Dilok, Kurdistan
Ismail Zagros came to Germany in 1995 and lives in Cologne.

Kurdish, German, Turkish, English

Ismail Zargos came to Germany in 1995 and completed his acting studies at the Academy of Performing Arts adk-Ulm. He takes place in several plays, as for example at the Theaterhaus Stuttgart and although he played in many productions for television and cinema – in Germany as well as in Kurdistan. In 2013, he was the protagonist of the cinema film called “Mardan” which was shown at various festivals, among others in Istanbul and Toronto, and nominated for several international awards. He was awarded for best actor in the cinema film “Die Schwalbe” (eng. The swallow) in 2017 in Erbil.