Rabia Heybetoğlu

Foto: privat

* 1988 in Silvan, Turkey

Rabia Heybetoğlu came to Germany in 2018 and lives in Dortmund.


Kurdish, Turkish, English, German (B1)

Rabia Heybetoğlu studied theatre at the Cegerxwîn Academy of Arts. In 2014 she wrote her first play entitled “Ferman” (eng. The Edict), with which she won the “Special Prize of the Jury” of the competition of Evdirrehim Rehmî Hekarî. Her second piece “Li ser gulê” (For Rose”) is about Mihemed Şêxo and his life as a Kurdish artist. It was premiered at the Cegerxwîn Academy of Arts. In 2015, Rabia Heybetoğlu collaborated with the screenwriting group of “Ortadoğu Sinema Akademisi” (eng. Cinema Academy of the Middle East) and was part of the writing team for various sitcoms. Since 2010, she works mainly on skits, especially in cooperation with the association Kurdi-Der in Amed (Diyarbakir). Rabia Heybetoğlu is currently studying at TU Dortmund University and writing her master’s thesis on the relationship between education and theater.