Fermesk Abdolrahman

Foto: Nasih Ali

* 2nd September 1965 in Sulemaniya, Iraq
Fermesk Abdolrahman came to Germany in 1983 and lives in Stuttgart.



Kurdish, Arabic, German

Fermesk Abdolrahman was born in Iraq. She studied theater Studies at the University in Bagdad. After graduation, she worked for several years as a professor at the College of Arts in Sulemaniya and at the Kurdish Academy of Arts in Erbil. She furthermore collaborates at a women’s radio station in Iraq and as a theatre pedagogue at a refugee camp in Duhok.
Fermesk Abdolrahman lives now in Stuttgart where she is the head of a theater ensemble, moreover she works for many years as an actress and as volunteer for various cultural organizations. In 2017, she was in the play “7 Minuten”(eng. 7 minutes) at the Theaterhaus Stuttgart.