Gıyasettin Uçun


* April 26, 1990 in Şırnak İdil, Turkey
Giyasettin Uçun came to Germany in 2018. He currently lives in southern Germany.

Kurdish, Turkish

Gıyasettin Uçun started his acting education in Istanbul with Nazlı Benan Özkaya, Kamer Yildiz and Çetin Ok. He acted in the Tiyatro Bileşke theater group in several productions and in Kurdish and Turkish cinema films, such as in 2014 in the movie “Gecenin Tenhasi”. In 2015, he went to Diyarbakir and worked there for two and a half years as a voice actor and director for synchronization for the Kurdish children’s channel Zarok TV. In 2015, Gıyasettin Uçun starred in the Kurdish film “Çardeh Tirmeh”. In 2018 he left Turkey forpolitical and professional reasons.