Helim Yusiv

Foto: privat

* 07th December 1967 in Amude/Rojava, Syria
Helim Yusiv came 2000 to Germany and lives in Wuppertal.


Kurdish, Arabic, German

The Kurdish author Helim Yusiv produces his works in the languages of Kurdish and Arabic. He released his novels, short stories and plays predominantly in Lebanon, Iraq, Iran, United Arab Emirates, England, Germany and Turkey. Only a few of his works were able to release in Syria.
Since 2000 he lives in Germany. Here arose ten books, among them novels, narratives and four adaptations for the theatre (“Republik der Narren“ (eng. Republic of fools), “Die Hinrichtungen einer Nase“ (eng. the executions of a nose), “Schuhe und Kopf“ (eng. shoes and head), “Weltbahnhof“ (eng. Worldstation)). His latest project called “Sound of the City-Heimatverlust” (eng. Sound of the City-Homelandloss) for the ensemble Wupperspuren was performed in 2018 in the Schauspielhaus Wuppertal.